Causes Of Climate Change

The Climate Change Hypocrisy of World Clean Coal Week

Speakers at World Clean Coal Weak misrepresent the impacts of pollution and climate change on developing countries.

Why Christine Gregoire Must Put the Brakes on Coal Exports

Recognized nationally for climate leadership, Governor Gregoire can stop the Northwest from becoming a coal export zone

Three Thoughts for a Climate Change-Friendly Thanksgiving

Keep your carbon footprint in check and still enjoy Thanksgiving with these three insights.

The Climate Change Tribe

Inspired by Seth Godin's book, Tribes, we find that those that care about climate change require a leader... who?

Bill Nye Gets Serious About Climate Change

A new exhibit on climate change at the Chabot Space and Science Center offers something refreshing: solutions and hope.

Schwarzenegger Announces New Climate Change Alliance

A new group of subnational partners looks to lead the charge on climate change. Will it be effective?

Looking for Climate Change Leadership? Try Mexico City

The biggest city in the Western Hemisphere takes on climate change, pollution, and other environmental problems.

And the Worst Climate Change Denier Award Goes To...

Who takes the cake as the biggest climate change denier? Repower America asked, their members answered. Find out who...

Climate Change Affecting Southeast Summer Rainfall

Climate change is already directly affecting weather in the Southeastern US. What does it mean and what to do about it?


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