Causes Of Climate Change

US Refrigerants a Big Contributor to Climate Change

Climate-friendly refrigeration technology has been held up in the US, but a new EPA rule could change that at last.

CSR Report Addresses Reducing Carbon Emissions in China Through Improved Efficiency

A recent report shows how to reduce carbon emissions in China by unlocking energy efficiency

Hands Across the Sand Builds Momentum for Action on Climate Change

Activists at 700 Hands Across the Sand events rallied Saturday for clean energy solutions and a shift away from oil.

Fighting Climate Change While Creating Jobs

A new initiative reminds senators that passing a climate bill means creating thousands of green jobs.

Help Close a Coal Plant: the Most Effective Way to Prevent Climate Change

There are over 600 coal plants in the US. To avoid catastrophic climate change, most of them must be shut down.

Protests Growing Over BP, Oil, and Climate Change

What began as a small number of scattered protests is becoming a real movement for fossil fuel independence.

New Mining Criteria Will Reduce Causes of Climate Change

Coal is the number one contributor to climate change. A new mining rule means more coal will stay safely in the ground.

Public Belief in Causes and Effects of Climate Change Rises

Two new opinion polls show people believing more in the causes and effects of climate change. Now is the time to act.

Canada's Tar Sands: A Growing Climate Change Disaster

Development of Canadian tar sands oil is a growing contributor to climate change, and a public relations nightmare.

Obama to Address Energy and Climate Change – Tune in to Justmeans for Updates

President Obama will speak about energy and climate tonight. I'll be posting live updates and commentary on Justmeans.


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