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Canadian Engineer Glen Lux Tries to Reinvent Renewable Energy with Vertical Wind Turbines

For most, when they think of wind based renewable energy the first thing that comes to mind is rows of tall, elegant windmills staring out at the horizon and rotating lazily in the wind. While horizontal windmills are the predominate method of gathering wind based energy, many groups have been trying for years, sometimes decades, to perfect the vertical windmill.

Howdy, Howdy, Let's Get Rowdy---About a Path to Renewable Energy & More

This is introductory, personal as well as conceptual. My life in intersection with energy questions is the focus.

Celebrating Energy Heroes: Dixie Viesca

Celebrating Energy Heroes: Dixie Viesca supporting clean and renewable energy, this mother of two...

The Department of Energy Prepares to Dish Out the Dough for Renewable Energy Projects

The U.S. Government has been busy lately when it comes to renewable energy. While some climate change and renewable energy bills have been met with both success and failure in the Senate and House of Representatives over the last couple of weeks, the Department of Energy is trying to work towards some of their goals.

EPA's Critique of Oil Pipeline is a Victory for Sustainable Business

The White House may get the chance to scrap a giant oil pipeline and invest in clean energy instead.

Five Silver Bullets for the Next Attempt at Carbon Emissions Legislation

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that the carbon emissions legislation, aka cap-and-trade bill, that he had hoped to move through the Senate this summer was being withdrawn.

Using the Sun and Salts to Generate Renewable Energy

Concentrating solar power, or CSP, is one of the many ways to use sunlight to generate cheap forms of renewable energy. While several projects currently exist around the world, an Italian energy company called Enel has changed the way CSP can be developed.

Using the Reaction Between Fresh and Salt Water for Renewable Energy

Two companies in Europe and Scandinavia have announced that they have developed a form of renewable energy that uses the power of the ocean that, they believe, would be able to solve the world’s energy problems.


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