Clean Energy

Ethipoia Amazes with a 60,000 MW Renewable Energy Potential

Ethiopia is not the first country to pops into minds when it comes to renewable energy. In fact, when thinking about renewable energy in Africa, Ethiopia still isn’t the first country that may come to mind.

Youth Voters Bring Support for Clean Air Act to DC

Today marks the culmination of weeks of campus organizing in support of public health and clean energy.

Dealing with Climate Change Without Congressional Action

Thailand and South Korea Announce Huge Renewable Energy Projects

Lately, China has dominated any renewable energy news that comes out of South East Asia and not without good reason.

Massachusetts Offshore Renewable Energy Project Holds Promise

As renewable energy moves steadily into the future, the possibilities that exist thanks to tidal and wave energy are becoming more and more widely accepted by countries hoping to adopt such technologies.

New Chinese Wind Farm Plans to Generate 1000 gW of Wind Energy

In recent years, China has taken some rather impressive strides in the development of their renewable energy systems. For a nation that has long been criticized for their extraordinarily high levels of industrial pollution, outdated power systems, and a reluctance to move forward, China’s progress has been so incredible that many are beginning to question why the United States is falling so far behind.

Venezuela Strikes Up A Partnership with Portugal for Renewable Energy

Venezuela is not a country known overall for her renewable energy policy. The nation is an oil giant in the South American region and supplies a fairly large quantity of crude oil to the United States, and other countries, on a yearly basis.

College Student Harnesses Social Media to Stand up for Sustainable Business Jobs

Cal State senior Joel Francis has a message for billionaire Charles Koch, and is using the Internet to deliver it.

Shepherds Flat Wind Farm: Large-Scale Sustainable Business Comes to Oregon

A Department of Energy loan makes the future of this 845 megawatt wind farm in rural Oregon look even more secure.


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