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3M's New Plastic Film to Make Solar Energy Safer and More Flexible

Much of the focus on innovation for solar energy comes down to researchers trying to create the most efficient and powerful solar cell possible. Where some choose to focus their vision there, however, others are trying to find a way to ensure that solar energy cells can last long enough to make the higher levels of efficiency worthwhile.

Student Research Team Creates the Most Efficient Solar Energy Cells Yet

Solar Energy. We use it to power homes, vehicles, aircraft, and satellites in our never ending quest to find the most efficient means of harnessing the sun’s power. However, where solar energy has huge potential and continues to prove itself in various fields, the constant problem of solar cells degrading over time or being less efficient compared to the cost of other energy sources continues to haunt solar energy adopters.

E Turbines Concept Seeks to Combine Wind Energy with the Open Road

It sometimes seems as if wind energy innovation is happening on an almost daily basis. However, where in some fields innovations may take on drastically different forms, there are only so many ways to change the way a turbine works. Still, many wind energy based companies are trying to find the best way to maximize wind’s potential.

The Village of Tocco Makes Big Bucks with Wind Energy

With nations like Denmark and Germany declaring that they are aiming for 100% renewable energy, it is easy to think that the renewable energy bug is spreading through Europe like wildfire. Unfortunately, that is hardly the case as some countries take steps forward but still deal primarily in fossil fuels. Italy, despite some advancement on some renewable energy fronts, has been a bit behind compared to some of their European comrades.

New Climate Commission Report Shows Denmark How to Go 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

Denmark has long been home to a fair amount of renewable energy innovation. For much of the last forty years, the nation has been one of the leaders in the development of wind power with companies like Vestas contributing to a wind energy boom in the country. As of 2009, Denmark had a total of 3,482 megawatts of energy being generated by wind turbines that contributed 19.3% of the nation’s electricity.

Solar Tour 2010 Revelations on Why People Buy Renewable Energy

The reason people spend so much on solar energy for their home is unlikely because of the cost and environment

Ontario Will Eliminate Coal Energy and Emissions by 2014

On Friday alone, the Canadian province removed 2,000 megawatts of coal power from the grid.

Renewable Energy from the Solar Winds of Deep Space

Space, in its vastness, is filled with a multitude of opportunities that we can take a hold of as we develop the necessary technology. Many of those opportunities lies in the power of our own personal star: the Sun. While we already take advantage of the energy the Sun can provide us here on the ground, researchers have been trying to make the most out of the energy we could be collecting in space.

Denmark's Growing Sustainable Business Potential

A new report shows how Denmark could meet 100% of its needs with clean energy by the year 2050.

Guatemala and Central America Gear Up to Expand Geothermal Energy

Central and South America are home to a wide variety of volcanic hotspots that have gained some form of attention or another throughout history. While for some they were simply yet another geological feature, others are hoping to tap into the natural power that lies within these hotspots and channel it into geothermal power.


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