Clean Energy

Renewable Electricity Promotion Act Would Encourage Sustainable Business

In keeping the bill simple, supporters hope lawmakers will be able to cast an apolitical vote for clean energy.

Trash and Bacteria Remain Supreme in Biofuel Manufacturing

Biofuels have the potential to come from any number of sources.

A New Report Asks the US and India to Take Solar Energy Into Space

Several months ago, I mentioned the Shimizu Corporation’s plan to place solar panels on the moon to generate renewable energy that would be transferred back to Earth and distributed along power lines.

Reading the Clean Energy Tea Leaves

The DOE awarded $57 million to support clean energy technology commercialization projects for 33 small businesses across the country. These projects were funded as part of the Department of Energy's (DOE's) Small Business Phase III Xlerator program.

New Tuna Turbines Revolutionize Tidal Power

Wave and tidal energy is one of the most interesting and promising forms of renewable energy currently available. However, it is also one of the most difficult to start and operate efficiently due to the obstacles companies find when working in the ocean. The ocean, as a rule, can be unforgiving and far more powerful than many initially anticipate.

Interactive Map Shows Health Impacts of Energy and Emissions from Coal

A map created by the Clean Air Task Force demonstrates how online tools can bring home the impacts of energy policy.

Pollution From Wind Power? - I Don't Think So

One of the arguments I used to laugh at the most over inflated Pentagon funding went like this: "Sure, a billion dollars for the XYZ weapon system is a lot of money. But if we end the XYZ weapon system-building program and don't build it, it'll cost two billion."

Say what?

More Spending on Potato Chips Than Clean Energy R&D

For the  third year in a row, the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, held a day-long clean energy summit, gathering high-level industry leaders, policy experts, investors, and public officials to talk over important things in Nevada.


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