Clean Energy

Fuels from Sunlight

The Laws of Thermodynamics are harsh. They mandate that each time you transform energy from one form to another, you are going to lose at least a third of it. And that’s if your systems are perfectly efficient, which none of them are. Think about making biofuels using solar panels for the energy input.

Energy Visions and Visionary Energy: Carbon Free and Nuclear Free's Roadmapping Service

While synopsizing monumental and intricate work will always miss things, this review essay attempts just this for CFNF.

Wind Lens Turbine Focuses Lower Speed Winds to Generate Renewable Energy

Early last month, the Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010 showcased a myriad of new technologies and ideas pertaining to the various aspects of renewable energy. Although wind and solar energy dominated most of the Exhibition’s workshops, there was time spent covering new ideas for biomass, geothermal, hydro power, and even energy efficiency.

India's Ambitious Solar Energy Projects Are Set to Make Them Renewable Energy Leaders

For the last several years India has been slowly working towards developing a renewable energy infrastructure to efficiently power the second most populous country in the world. So, it is no surprise that despite continuing efforts to integrate solar power into the nation that it all seems to be a mere drop in the bucket compared to the vast nuclear and fossil fuel energy resources already available.

Nuclear Energy: Nightmare or Energy Independence Answer?

“The country’s (U.S.) 104 nuclear reactors produced 799 billion kWH in 2009, over 20% of total electrical output.”

Energy Revolution: How does it Start?

“You need to understand that when they (politicians) discuss energy independence it’s a rhetorical gimmick"

New Data from Hawaii Shows the Best Place for OTEC Renewable Energy

Hawaii is home to several renewable energy projects that cover a diverse selection of sources: wind, solar, or


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