Climate Bill

Climate Politics: Canadian Edition

Canada's elections are less than a week away. Where do the parties stand on climate change?

New Poll Pits Canadian Against American Perceptions of Climate Change

A new poll reveals Canadians are more accepting of climate science than Americans and more. Why and what does it mean?

House Republicans and the Never-Ending Stream of Climate Nonsense

Sick of the nonsense about climate change? Me too, but it just keeps coming courtesy of House Republicans.

The US Chamber Doesn’t Speak for these Businesses

Close to 1,400 business owners (and counting) declare the US Chamber of Commerce doesn't represent their interests.

GOP Lawmakers are Blind to Science

Climate denial is in vogue for Republican lawmakers in the US. So much for being leaders.

Republicans Aim to Limit the Environmental Protection Agencies Power

The Republican Party has introduced a bill in the two chambers of Congress in an attempt to stop and limit the power of the Environmental Protection Agency from monitoring emissions that are linked to climate change and global warming.

House Hearing on Climate Change Showcases Republican Ignorance

Republicans illustrated how anti-science they are at yesterday's hearing on climate change.

US Green Chamber of Commerce to Advocate Climate Solutions

The San Diego-based organization could eventually become more important than the more and more obsolete US Chamber.

Public Polarization on Climate Change Caused by Boomerang Effect, New Study Finds

Communicating climate change has the exact opposite of the intended effect, especially with conservatives. Why?

Britain Prepares to Change for Climate Change

The British government has outlined how the UK will deal with the threat of climate change in the future and has listed a number of proposals on what the country will do in order to adapt to extreme changes in weather patterns.


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