Climate Change News

Climate Politics: Canadian Edition

Canada's elections are less than a week away. Where do the parties stand on climate change?

New Poll Pits Canadian Against American Perceptions of Climate Change

A new poll reveals Canadians are more accepting of climate science than Americans and more. Why and what does it mean?

House Republicans and the Never-Ending Stream of Climate Nonsense

Sick of the nonsense about climate change? Me too, but it just keeps coming courtesy of House Republicans.

Earth Hour: Still Not the Right Approach to Climate Change and Development

Earth Hour is a developed world approach to environmentalism. To observe it is to miss the big picture.

Flood Experience Increases Acceptance of and Action on Climate Change

New research suggests floods can influence people's acceptance and action on climate change.

GOP Lawmakers are Blind to Science

Climate denial is in vogue for Republican lawmakers in the US. So much for being leaders.

Some Thoughts on Climate Change, Nuclear Energy and Risk

Is nuclear energy really one of the solutions to help mitigate climate change?

News Corp Goes Carbon Neutral: Surprised? (You Shouldn't Be)

News Corp is the world's first carbon neutral media company. The Carbon Disclosure Project helped it attain this goal.

Oscar-Nominated Short Documentary Highlights Climate Change Refugees, Part 2

Part 2 in a two part series on the film "Sun Come Up," climate change refugees, and sea level rise.


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