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Arctic Ice Cover at Near-Record Low

This year's maximum Arctic ice cover tied with that of 2006 for the lowest ever recorded.

Flood Experience Increases Acceptance of and Action on Climate Change

New research suggests floods can influence people's acceptance and action on climate change.

House Hearing on Climate Change Showcases Republican Ignorance

Republicans illustrated how anti-science they are at yesterday's hearing on climate change.

Climate Change: It's the Physics, Stupid

Climate change comes down to physics. They don't lie and they don't have an ideology. Why doesn't everyone realize it?

NASA To Launch New Satellite Even As Republicans Try To Ground Climate Research

A high tech satellite is set to launch Wednesday. You might want to catch the launch, it could be the last for awhile.

Soot and Smog Important in Climate Change Fight, Says UN

Curbing soot and smog pollution quickly could buy precious time in the longer-term effort to stop climate change.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Aerosols

Aerosols are a climate change riddle waiting to be answered.

The Complex Business of Measuring Climate Change

Leading research bodies processed records from hundreds of data stations to measure global temperature in 2010.

Monks' Diaries Shed Light on Climate Change

What can monks from the 17th century tell us about future climate change?

Australia's Floods: A Climate Change Opportunity?

Australia's floods offer insight into our future in a changing climate.


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