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US EPA Refuses to Stall Action on Climate Change

Today the EPA stood up for science and rejected ten petitions challenging its endangerment finding on greenhouse gases.

New Report: Uncertainty Increases Risk in a Changing Climate

Sandia National Laboratories releases a new report showing uncertainty is a call to climate change action.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Global Versus Local

Where does the local fit in the discussion about global climate change?

Signs of Climate Change: June of 2010 the Hottest on Record

With more and more evidence of climate change, innovators should be careful where they make their investments.

The IPCC’s Climate Change Communication Conundrum

The IPCC sent out a memo about how to communicate climate change. Too bad it's not about how to do it well.

Climategate Scientists Exonerated; Time to Seriously Discuss Climate Change

The Climate Research unit has been exonerated. Let’s move on to a real discussion about climate change.

New Study Asks Experts About Climate Change Uncertainties

A new paper asks 14 leading climate researchers what the key uncertainties for climate change are.

Climate Change, Psychology, and Sex: Wasteful Thinking

Climate Change, Psychology, & Sex: Wasteful Thinking - is the reason we waste (for mating choices) why climate change..


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