CSR Disasters: BP Spill, A Year On

Update on BP a year from the spill

CSR and Bridging the Skills Gap

Business leaders from the water, power and construction industries are facing a significant shortage of skilled workers.

Introducing apprenticeships, and getting involved in CSR initiatives with young people, will help prevent this recruitment time bomb.

Aviation CSR: On a Wing and a Prayer

Reports of fake pilot licences in India has CSR implications

The 20 Greenest Banks in the World?

Bloomberg Markets recently published their inaugural list of the world's 20 Greenest Banks. So who do they pick to be the poster child for eco-conscious banking? Drum roll please.... it's Banco Santander, the Spanish financial services giant.

4 Research-Driven Principles of Social Media Analytics

As the fields of social media and web analytics evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand basic principles of data. In the last several years, social media has become a powerful advertising platform that connects businesses with consumers and visa versa.

CSR Push: HUL, P&G in India

Latest CSR initiatives by HUL and P&G in India

CSR and the Impact of Offshore Wind Power for the UK

The UK is on the way to grabbing a 10% share of the global offshore wind market by 2050.

Analysis by The Carbon Trust also shows that offshore wind could deliver between 20 to 50% of our total electricity by the same date. From a CSR perspective, both of these pieces of news are highly significant.

Is Government Trailing Industry on CSR?

Campaigners for sustainable fishing are waiting to see if the UK Government will change its mind on how it sources fish.

Government buying standards, out any day now, have been criticised by activists for a lack of commitment to buying sustainable fish.

CSR and Sustainable Food Policy: What Next?

Hard-won gains for sustainability in food production have been lost argues a new report from the Sustainable Development Commission.

The SDC, expert advisors on sustainability to the UK Governments, claim that the Coalition Government has so far ignored an emerging consensus on the issue between industry, NGOs and the previous Labour Government.


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