Tackling Diabetes: CVS Health Partners with YMCA

(3BL Media/Justmeans) –  Diabetes is top of the news agenda this month. Public Health England is warning that tackling diabetes will be ‘fundamental’ to the future of NHS, as the number of adults with the condition grows. About 3.8 million adults in England now have diabetes, with at least 940,000 of those undiagnosed, new figures reveal.

Hypertension – The World’s Silent Killer

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – We are living in a rapidly changing environment. Throughout the world, human health is being shaped by the same powerful forces: ageing, rapid urbanisation and the globalisation of unhealthy lifestyles. Increasingly, wealthy and resource-constrained countries are facing the same health issues.

Treating the Indonesian Diabetes Pandemic: A Case Study from Novo Nordisk

Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has released a new case study that examines the challenges for diabetes care in Indonesia. The study reflects the company's work to provide diabetes care across Indonesia, a country where millions of people have diabetes but less than one per cent receives proper treatment.

Sanofi and Novo Nordisk Fight Diabetes with Education and Awareness

Nordisk and Sanofi promote social responsibility through education on diabetes

Big Pharma Improves Access to Medicine in Developing World

The Access to Medicine Foundation has released its 2012 Access to Medic Index (ATM Index). The ATM Index is designed to provide independent, unbiased and credible information regarding individual pharmaceutical companies' progress on making drugs and other medical products more available and affordable in developing countries.

Novo Nordisk Launches ‘Blueprint for Change’ Case on Bangladesh

Novo Nordisk made available the fourth case of its Blueprint for Change series, which focuses on Bangladesh.

Bariatric Surgery is Cost-Effective for Diabetes Patients

Bariatric surgery provides cost-saving treatment for people with diabetes

Diabetics to Check Blood Pressure at Home

Looking for new technology to test blood pressure at home.

Health Lessons from Somali Pirates?

Does a high seas tragedy teach us anything about health decision making and communication?


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