Effects Of Climate Change

How to Conserve Endangered Species in the Face of Climate Change

A new report documents the 10 most crucial ecosystems in the US to conserve due to climate change.

Climate Change Takes it Toll on Insurers in 2010

Munich Re issues a statement on insurance losses. Climate change is playing a bigger role and needs to be addressed.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Probability

What are the odds we're altering the climate system? Part of an ongoing series about the vocabulary of climate change.

Small Island Nations' Freshwater Supplies in Danger

Freshwater sources are scarce but essential for small island life. New research examines their fragility.

Why the Media Should Make the Connection Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The media still isn't really making the weather-climate connection, as exemplified in a recent New York Times article.

Vulnerable Countries Call for No More than 1.5 Degrees of Climate Change

Small island nations say their survival depends on keeping the worldwide temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius

Will the US Stand by its Climate Aid Promises?

A broad-based movement urges the Obama administration to stand by pledges made last year in Copenhagen.

Climate Change Inaction is the Real War on the World’s Poor

Climate change will cause around one million deaths per year, mostly in poor countries.

Fiji Water's CSR Climate Change Issues

Fiji Water is paying a new water extraction tax. Why not a bottled water import tax to address climate change?

The Climate Change Hypocrisy of World Clean Coal Week

Speakers at World Clean Coal Weak misrepresent the impacts of pollution and climate change on developing countries.


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