Effects Of Climate Change

New CSR Report: Doing Climate Change Business Better

BSR has released a new report showing how businesses can be (and are) doing better regarding climate change.

Scotland Policy: Going Blue with Wave and Tidal Renewable Energy

Wave and tidal renewable energy, to be installed; world's largest system off Scotland and the UK

Indirect Effects of Climate Change on Cyclones

Climate change isn't necessarily directly affecting cyclones, but there are some areas where the two tie together.

Should We Switch To Consumption-Based Carbon Dioxide Accounting?

Emissions based on national boundaries just doesn't make sense in our globalized economy.

Front Cover News: Global Warming Movement Cooling? Yes

Scientists trying to prove climate change and global warming is real; Skeptics proudly claim cooling in an unfair fight

Local Climate Change: Its Unique Causes and Effects

Local climate change is much more dynamic than we sometimes give it credit for.

Renewable Energy Series: Wave Technology the Oyster, Sea Level Rise no Problem

Renewable Energy Series: Wave Technology the Oyster; sea level rise is no problem for this technology.

Education Against Climate Change and Evolution: Skepticism with the Help of Creationists

Education bills are sprouting across America arguing against climate change science by linking the issue to evolution.

Regional Climate Centers in the US: Monitoring the Local Effects of Climate Change

Regional Climate Centers have three great benefits to the study of climate and the application of information.

COP15 is over, when is COP16?

When and where is the next major climate change conference, COP16?


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