Effects Of Climate Change

Clean Energy Innovations: Mitigating Climate Change, Creating Jobs

Bringing innovative clean energy solutions to the mainstream will help mitigate climate change and create jobs.

Decisions Under Uncertain Climate Change Conditions

What should be done about our uncertain climate future? Certainly not nothing!

Republicans Against Dept. of Agriculture's Climate Change Funding and Obama

Last week, February 25, 2010, Republicans rallied opposition to President Obama's initiatives climate change funding

LEED Building and Energy Series: Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisites

LEED Building and Energy Series, Post 2: Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisites. Efficient Buildings and climate change.

Climate Change Communication Challenges Part 3: Visualizing Climate Change

Part 3 of a three part series about the challenges of communicating climate change.

What is Carbon Cap and Trade? In the US? In Europe? Part 2

What is carbon cap and trade in the US? A history, pros and cons, comparison to carbon tax. Part 2 of a series.

The EU vs. the USA: Which is the Climate Change Leader?

Climate Change Policy Series: the EU vs. the USA, who should follow the leader?

Climate Change and the LEED Building and Energy Efficiency Series

First post of the LEED Building and Energy Efficiency Series. Green Buildings THE solution for climate change.

Tobacco Biofuel for All Your Energy Needs?

Could tobacco be the next biofuel in the US?

A Simple Idea to Reduce Energy Usage, Increase Energy Efficiency

Smart electric bills will reduce emissions. They would also appeal to both conservatives and liberals.


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