Effects Of Climate Change

Climate Change and GTD: Goal Setting for the New Year

Productivity Guru David Allen reveals his strategy on New Year goal setting- useful for climate change politicians...

Climate Change Lessons from James Cameron's Avatar: New Values Required

Climate Change lessons from the greatest cinematic masterpiece of our time; James Cameron's Avatar

South Africa Policy: Least Impacted African State, from Climate Change

South Africa is likely to be a climate change loser, but not as much as other African Nations.

Cap and Trade and Populism

Here's how to get around resistance to cap-and-trade legislation in the US Congress.

Climate Change: Letting go of the Perfect Solution, Necessary

Demanding the perfect climate change solution wastes time; don't embarrass yourself demanding 'surgical precision' ....

The Dynamics of Biofuels

There's an insidious vision, at least here in the US, that if we just all buy electric vehicles, put up enough wind turbines, and brew enough biofuels, that we will be able to just go on living the way we are living while reducing our emissions, and not worry about the climate. The vision's insidious because it is pretty much the unspoken assumption to everything we do, even amongst otherwise aware and conscientious people.

Russian Policy: Warm War Winner, Climate Change is Good for the Economy

Warm War I, Russia to be #1 winner in a warmer climate, while also being #3 of the world's largest carbon emitters

COP15 Last Day: Copenhagen Climate Change Summit Finale

We've gone over COP15 week 1 and week 2, and now the Finale:

COP15 Recap Final Week 2: Seal the Deal on Climate Change?

Mixed feelings on the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Find out how it all fell apart and was tied together...

Why I Am Writing an Energy & Emissions Blog

I once walked up the Pacific Coast of the US from Los Angeles to Seattle. I walked the highway shoulder a lot, peeling off onto dirt roads where I could, and even down to the beach where that was possible. It took five months.


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