Effects Of Climate Change

Climate Change Causing Lakes to Warm

A new study shows large lakes are warming quickly. Why should you care? (There's lots of reasons it turns out.)

Global Art Project Focuses on Impacts of Climate Change

Artists around the globe design climate-related art big enough to be visible from space.

Oregon Commission Misses Opportunity to Invest in Solutions to Climate Change

It's now more important than ever that other state end federal agencies work to close the Boardman Coal Plant.

Bill Nye Gets Serious About Climate Change

A new exhibit on climate change at the Chabot Space and Science Center offers something refreshing: solutions and hope.

Schwarzenegger Announces New Climate Change Alliance

A new group of subnational partners looks to lead the charge on climate change. Will it be effective?

Kiribati Hosts Tarawa Climate Change Conference

One of the nations most vulnerable to climate change is hosting an international conference on the issue this week.

Impending Headaches of Climate Change

Climate Change Affecting Southeast Summer Rainfall

Climate change is already directly affecting weather in the Southeastern US. What does it mean and what to do about it?


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