Effects Of Climate Change

Why Geoengineering Won’t Fix Climate Change

Can giant mirrors or injecting sulphate into the atmosphere save us from climate change? Almost certainly not.

Good News on Climate Change from Malaysia

Today the Malaysian state of Sabah rejected plans for a coal plant in the heart of country's rainforest ecosystems.

Russian Heat Wave to Spur Climate Innovation?

The Russian heat wave is shifting discussions on climate, and could spur Russia to look for climate change solutions.

Can Biochar Solve Climate Change?

A new study shows biochar can sequester carbon and reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Is it a climate change solution?

Climate Change Have a New Enemy: The iPhone

Skepticalscience.com looks to take on climate change skeptics with a new iPhone app.

Report Shows Obama Can Take on Climate Change Without Congress

A new report outlines how the federal government can act on climate change, even in the absence of new legislation.

Addressing Climate Change While Preventing Financial Meltdown

Rep Pete Stark has an idea to curb Wall Street gambling in the US while helping the world deal with climate change.

Leveraging Your Climate Change Knowledge for Green Jobs

Know about climate change to get a green job. Start here...

New Studies Document Causes and Effects of Climate Change in the Arctic

Climate change will be felt no more intensely than in the Arctic. What did two new studies find?

Ford Foundation Commits $85 Million to Combat Rural Climate Change

Rural communities have the power to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. Ford Foundation intends to help.


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