Effects Of Climate Change

New Report: Uncertainty Increases Risk in a Changing Climate

Sandia National Laboratories releases a new report showing uncertainty is a call to climate change action.

In China, Cap on Coal Output May Help Slow Climate Change

China is considering a ceiling on coal production by 2015, to reduce both carbon emissions and climate change.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Global Versus Local

Where does the local fit in the discussion about global climate change?

White Roofs Gain Ground as a Remedy for Climate Change

Reflective roofing is a simple way to reduce carbon emissions and energy use in cities across the world.

Maldives Hosts Innovative Meeting on Climate Change

While mega-polluters stall, other nations lead the way toward international solutions to climate change.

Signs of Climate Change: June of 2010 the Hottest on Record

With more and more evidence of climate change, innovators should be careful where they make their investments.

California’s Climate Change Law Spurs Jobs and Innovation

California's climate change law has helped create thousands of jobs. But the oil industry threatens to freeze it.

Climategate Scientists Exonerated; Time to Seriously Discuss Climate Change

The Climate Research unit has been exonerated. Let’s move on to a real discussion about climate change.

Social Media Used to Challenge Causes of Climate Change in Malaysia

Online social media has become a useful tool for climate activists fighting construction of a coal plant in Malaysia.

In India, a New Carbon Tax Will Fund Renewable Energy

While industrialized countries delay, India is taking steps to reduce climate change. A new tax on coal will help.


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