Effects Of Climate Change

Will Gillard Bring Back Climate Leadership in Australia?

Will Australia's first female prime minister also be the first to take the threat of climate change seriously?

Investigation Shows Climate Change Deniers are Wrong (Again)

Once again, deniers' claims that scientists have distorted the data about climate change turn out to be unfounded.

New Study Asks Experts About Climate Change Uncertainties

A new paper asks 14 leading climate researchers what the key uncertainties for climate change are.

Climate Change, Psychology, and Sex: Wasteful Thinking

Climate Change, Psychology, & Sex: Wasteful Thinking - is the reason we waste (for mating choices) why climate change..

Actually, Small Business Owners Do Want a Climate Bill

A new poll suggests small business owners see benefits in clean energy and climate legislation, and want it to pass.

The Science of Climate Change Isn’t So Muddy After All

Two new studies shed some light on the non-debate about the science of climate change.

US Refrigerants a Big Contributor to Climate Change

Climate-friendly refrigeration technology has been held up in the US, but a new EPA rule could change that at last.

Fighting Climate Change While Creating Jobs

A new initiative reminds senators that passing a climate bill means creating thousands of green jobs.

Protests Growing Over BP, Oil, and Climate Change

What began as a small number of scattered protests is becoming a real movement for fossil fuel independence.

New Mining Criteria Will Reduce Causes of Climate Change

Coal is the number one contributor to climate change. A new mining rule means more coal will stay safely in the ground.


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