Effects Of Climate Change

Public Belief in Causes and Effects of Climate Change Rises

Two new opinion polls show people believing more in the causes and effects of climate change. Now is the time to act.

Climate Change Comes with Snow Storms, Cold Snaps

Last winter's cold weather and snow storms are linked to the melting Arctic and a warmer global climate.

Dirty Air Act Defeated: US is One Step Closer to a Climate Change Bill!

Today saw the defeat of Lisa Murkowski's Dirty Air Act. Momentum is building to pass a serious climate bill this year.

Coal Plants: Bad for Your Pocketbook, Bad for the Climate

Burning coal causes climate change, and makes for a bad investment. An Oregon plant drives home the point.

New Study: Climate Change Best Mitigated by Natural Forests

What constitutes a forest? If you care about climate change, the answer is very important.

Dirty Air Act Would Hurt Efforts to Stop Climate Change

On Thursday, a group of senators led by Alaska's Lisa Murkowski will try to block efforts to combat climate change.

Obama Pushes Climate Bill: Now it's Time to Keep Up the Pressure

On Wednesday, President Obama pledged to finally pass a climate change bill. But will words translate to action?

Bill Tackles Oil Dependence and the Root Causes of Climate Change

Senator Bernie Sanders has a bright idea to address two big oil-related problems at once.

BP's Deepwater Horizon: Climate Change Implications and Beyond

BP's oil spill has implications for the local and global environments and long-term interactions with climate change.

Hurricane Season Effects

Part Two in a two part series examining the causes, including climate change, and effects of hurricanes


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