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Did N.Y. Times Reporter Deliberately Sabotage Tesla Model S Road Test?

New York Times reporter John Broder recently wrote of a harrowing experience test driving the Tesla Model S, but data logs taken during the test drive suggest he may have sabotaged the test drive for the sake of a more provocative story.

New Electric Vehicle Delivers Stunning 122 MPGe

Fiat announced this week that its new 2013 500e electric vehicle can go the equivalent 122 miles on a single gallon of gas, a figure that is unsurpassed by any vehicle on the U.S. market. The Italian carmaker's high tech automobile can also travel 87 miles before needing to recharge.

GM Touts Virtues of 2014 Spark Electric Vehicle

General Motors has announced that its 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV (short for Electric Vehicle) will offer "industry-leading EV power, outstanding driving range, and exceptional fast-charge capability." The Spark EV is due to arrive in California car dealerships next summer.

ECOtality's EV Project to Help Expand Market for Electric Vehicles

ECOtality, Inc., a clean electric transportation and storage technologies company, announced today that its Blink® smart charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) will now be offered free in the

Ford and SunPower Team Up On Sustainability Partnership

Ford charges up its sustainability program with electric vehicle initiative

BYD Celebrates Success After Promising Taxi Trials

In China, the BYD Automobile Company has quickly worked their way into the upper echelons of the Chinese automobile industry since their founding in 2003 with a variety of very popular vehicle models. The company also has managed to gain the distinction of being the first automobile company to provide a mass produced plug-in electric with their F3DM model.

Like a Leaf on the Wind: NISMO's Racing Modification of the Leaf Unveiled

Since its release, the Nissan Leaf has enjoyed a great deal of success in the green car market. With a reputation for being amongst the most efficient electric vehicles available it is not surprising that Nissan would have more plans for the Leaf even as they continue to fill orders that were placed last year in the United States alone.

Georgia Tech to Enter World Solar Challenge With the Audi TT SA-EV

This October, for the first time since 2009, the World Solar Challenge will be held to see what the best and the brightest from universities and companies around the world can bring together for a race spanning Australia from North to South.

New Artega SE Set to Help Those with a Need for Electric Speed

Electric sports cars seem to be something of a novelty when compared to the amount of people who will probably be buying them. Still, since there has always been a market for people who desire speed and power in their automobiles there is no reason why that cannot be delivered with electricity.


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