Electric Vehicles

Italy Prepares to Build the World's First Solar Energy Highway

When it comes to blending renewable energy concepts with green transportation, one of the more interesting ideas that is born from the combin

General Electric and Ford Both Make Large Contributions to Electric Vehicle Markets

As the price of oil continues to reach higher and higher figures, electric vehicles have started to look more attractive to consumers, car manufacturers, and companies.

Ecotricity's Nemesis Proves That Wind Powered Electric Vehicles Could Be Possible

Of all the renewable energy sources that car manufacturers have been trying to harness to make the latest electric vehicles, the one most people would never think of is probably wind power. The idea of using wind to power a car seems like it would be impossible or at the very least very impractical.

BMW Targets 2013 for Entry into the Electric Vehicle Market

As the electric vehicle market expands, the biggest names in automobile manufacturing are drawn towards adapting some of their latest models to the plug instead of gasoline.

Nissan Highlights New Electric Vehicle Plans with the New Mobility

Of all the countries currently pushing towards a future in electric vehicles, the mainstay Japanese automobile manufacturers like Toyota,

Better Places Prepares to Spread Electric Vehicles With A New Taxi System

As electric vehicles continue to spread throughout the marketplace to individual consumers, governments and business are also looking into how they can best use electric vehicles to clean up their motor fleets.

Diamond Superconductors Could Be The Future of Green Vehicles

In today’s market, green vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perhaps one of the most important factors in today's market is the way that a green vehicle utilizes a particular alternative fuel in a way that  reduces carbon emissions and helps the environment. Biofuels, for example, continue to remain popular in many markets while many manufacturers are more enthusiastic about the use of electrics to power automobiles or other transportation methods.


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