Emerging Markets

Brazil Is Poised To Become The Global Leader In Sustainable Palm Oil Production

The Brazilian government has committed $60 million to support the rapid development of sustainable palm oil ventures!

Energy In Crisis: Spain Slashes Renewable Energy Subsidies

Will Spain's decision to cut renewable energy subsidies destroy its renewable energy sector? Is Europe next?

China Overtakes Japan; Becomes The World's Second Largest Economy

China is now the world's biggest exporter and steel producer, and continues to exert a strong global influence.

The Hybrid Evolution: Chinese Automakers Go Green

Dongfeng plans to sell 100,000 hybrids and 50,000 electric vehicles over the next five years. Volkswagen to follow.

Emerging Markets: Mercedes Eyes Long Term Growth In China

China's automobile market is set for continued robust growth. What role will Mercedes play in the next decade?

Russia Bans Grain Exports For The Next Four And A Half Months

Russia has seen 20 percent of its arable land (10 million hectares, 24.7 million acres) destroyed by drought and fire.

Russian Firestorm: Forest Fires Cover Moscow In A Toxic Smog

Across Russia, more than 500 forest fires are raging! Russia is facing the most intense heat wave ever recorded!

21st Century Learning: Education Officials Flock To Chinese Classrooms

China is fast becoming the world's most popular education destination for foreign administrators and researchers.


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