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How Coal Pollution Harms Your Lungs

The American Lung Association shows what the US stands to gain from cleaner air.

Oil, Gas, Sun: Done Versus Fun

Bloodhound SSC is working to break the Land Speed Record with hopes of reaching speeds in excess of 1,000 mph.  The environmental merit of Bloodhound’s pursuit is for the future to determine.  However, the Solar Powered Land Speed Record was broken on January 7, 2011.

Going Nowhere Fast: Bloodhound Sniffs at Green

SSC, SuperSonic Car, is the term for a vehicle that has the capability to travel faster than the speed of sound.  Automotive engineering has seen design improvements that started on the race track.  Bloodhound SSC, a land vehicle working to travel in excess of 1,000 mph, is positioning itself to educate and help create a world less dependent on fossil fuels.  Or, perhaps, Bloodhound will further pr

How to Bring a Plane Down: FAA Greens Landings

The next time you fly, during the landing, you probably won’t think you are crashing but you may feel something a bit different.  The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is changing the way planes land in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.  The FAA is straightening the descent path instituting a process called Continuous Descent Approach (CDA).

Natural Gas, Hydrofracking it Up for the Rest of Us

“Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers”, published in The New York Times, Sunday, February 27, 2011, reports on the public and environmental health impact of hydrofracking and the pursuit of natural gas.  Public water sources are being contaminate

Wind, Wind, Blow Away

Wind has been powering mankind for thousands of years.  Gentle and clean, a warm breeze embraces and provides clean electricity.  But the wind is whipping into an icy storm of dissent when people and turbines are forced to live next to each other day-in and day-out.

True Colors: Ambre Is Not Green

Millennium Bulk Terminals, a subsidiary of Australian company Ambre Energy Limited, received preliminary approval from Cowlitz County to create a coal export terminal in Longview, Washington, U.S., in November, 2009.  The original plan was for a facility that would handle five million tons of coal per year.

U.S. Coal to China = 7,000 Mile Supply Chain

In 2009 China became a net-importer of coal.  In 2006 the New York Times reported that China was already using “more coal than the United States, the European Union and Japan combined.”  Today the amount of coal demanded in China is greater than

A Green Energy Valentine’s Day Massacre - Part Two

Part one of this article introduces the use of solar energy for charging portable electronics in the urban jungle and beyond.  Part two touches on the inclusion of a battery and finds one company walking the talk.


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