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True Colors: Ambre Is Not Green

Millennium Bulk Terminals, a subsidiary of Australian company Ambre Energy Limited, received preliminary approval from Cowlitz County to create a coal export terminal in Longview, Washington, U.S., in November, 2009.  The original plan was for a facility that would handle five million tons of coal per year.

U.S. Coal to China = 7,000 Mile Supply Chain

In 2009 China became a net-importer of coal.  In 2006 the New York Times reported that China was already using “more coal than the United States, the European Union and Japan combined.”  Today the amount of coal demanded in China is greater than

Gasland Picks Up Steam With Oscar Nomination

The environment is also on the bill at Oscars night

“Hello”: An Energy and Emissions Lesson From Uncle Leo

Len Lesser, Uncle Leo of Seinfeld fame, died yesterday, February 16, 2011, age 88.  “The Bookstore”, season 9 episode 17 for those of you following along at home, presents a scenario that mirro

Winds of Good News: Cost of Wind Energy Falls

The price of wind-based energy hits its lowest level since 2005.

The EPA Doesn’t Want to Play with Biomass Emissions Today

Last month, January, 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) postponed deciding how to regulate carbon emissions from the combustion of biomass.  Biomass is viewed as a renewable energy resource but shares several characteristics with fossil fuels.  Unlike solar, wind, hydro, or even geothermal, biomass must be combusted after it is harvested just like oil, gas, and coal.

Citi Breaks Energy CSR Promises

Despite brave words on responsible financing, Citi funds acquisition of a mountaintop removal coal mining company.

Can Energy Subsidies Be Simplified?

President Obama’s 2011 State of The Union Address included a call for 80% of the United States’ electricity to come from clean energy by 2035.  The President focused on investing in the future and clean energy but found time to single out the oil industry as “doing just fine on their own” and to ask Congress to eliminate the billions of dollars going to them.  Is it too simple to

WWF Presents Its Clean Energy Vision

The international NGO takes a bold, positive outlook on the future of energy

End the Oil Subsidies, for Common Sense's Sake!

President Obama's plan to eliminate subsidies to Big Oil should be embraced from both sides of the political aisle.


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