Energy Policy

Amazon Dam Goes Ahead Despite Opposition

A debate is raging in Brazil as to whether the Amazon should become a site of hydropower exploitation

Time to Make Coal Companies Pay Up

Coal mines in Montana and Wyoming should be subject to the same environmental standards as the rest of the country.

EPA Takes Historic Stand for Sustainable Business

Invoking the Clean Water Act, the agency has vetoed the largest mountaintop removal mine in the US.

European Union to Exceed Clean Energy Goals

Europe is poised to shoot past its goal of generating 20% of total energy from renewables by 2020.

Gujarat Solar Farm Marks Leap for Sustainable Business in India

The west Indian state of Gujarat plans to invest 105 billion rupees in a 500 megawatt solar project.

U.S. Energy Policy: Potential Headache in Coming Years

The U.S. energy policy thus far has relied primarily for the vast majority of its energy to come from fossil fuels:  Coal, oil, and natural gas while lawmakers largely give token or nominal support for renewable and alternative sources of energy.

Will RBC’s New Social Standards Prevent Investments in Climate Change?

A new social and environmental policy could affect Royal Bank of Canada's financing of dirty energy projects.

Scotland Saw Clean Energy Generation Grow by a Fifth in 2009

Scotland's renewable energy generation grew by one fifth in 2009, accounting for over 25% of the national grid.

Acid Rain Program Shows EPA Ready to Take on Carbon Energy and Emissions

The Clean Air Act successfully reduced acid rain pollution. The EPA should now enforce similar restrictions on carbon.

Off-Shore Oil Drilling--Obama Administration Ban


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