Energy Policy

Energy Tremors in Indian Country

Imagine if some corporation discovered coal under your house, and you were powerless to stop them from extracting it. (This is actually the case for a lot of landowners in Wyoming who don’t own the mineral rights under their property, and are now subject to disturbance by oil companies using new technologies to extract oil and gas.

The Third National Clean Energy Summit

Brief overview and summary of the Third National Clean Energy Summit, with Harry Reid & the CAPA Fund in Las Vegas NV

A Renewable Energy Teaching Moment

Media that calls us to act is a treasure, but we must both pay close attention and follow through on what we see.

A Life of Sustainable Business in Solar Energy

A sainted heart doesn't a hero make; being good & supporting appropriate technology won't solve political problems.

Something You Can Do to Up the Ante on Carbon Emissions

I’ve written before about the obstacles to getting a carbon emission cap passed by the US Senate. Here’s the other side of the story – something you can do on your own - a way to up the ante on carbon emissions without having to cajole myopic Senators from coal-producing states (who are, after all, a minority in this country).


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