Social Media Trends: Why Your Friends Are Dumping You!

This study shows that those who initiate a friendship are more likely to be un-friended than those on the receiving end

Social Media Trends Taking Customer Experience That One Step Further

Customer engagement and social media trends are key to online selling.

Geolocation Technology: Foursquare vs Facebook

Facebook vs Foursquare round 2 kicked off this week as Facebook announced yet another identical feature.

Survey Shows UK Charities Not Making The Most Of Social Media Trends

UK charities are not using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage with the public.

Social Media Trends: Sexism?

Examining the social media trends and how they feed into, depict and demonstrate sexism: the Facebook movie.

Social Media Trends: A New Game In Town

A new game launches on November 1, called FameTown and I predict it has been a huge hit, the game we all want to play

Facebook Fans' Worth to Marketers

There are ways to determine what your worth is as a Facebook fan. The simple process of “liking” pages can be helpful to businesses.

Social Media Trends: Blog Followers

Examining how the social media trends promoting visual stimuli affect the world of blogging.

Social Media Trend Allows UK Dialects To Flourish

Experts say the increased speed at which we now communicate on the web means we're likely to lapse into colloquialisms.

Facebook Story of the Day

Were you aware that you that you can read people’s Facebook experiences with this social media site on Facebook Stories? Well, to put things in perspective, a few months ago when Facebook amassed half a billion people on their site; they decided to pay a tribute to their users.


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