Social Media Trends: Competition

Examining the affect of competition in the social media world, specifically that of video sharing.

Social Media Trends: Twitter-pated

Although Twitter may be popular, it's many applications might start to be becoming redundant: www.screentweet.com

Social Media Trends: Picture Sharing

A popular social media trend is uploading photos. Sneppi.com is a photo sharing social media site

Do Tea and Twitter Mix? An Interview Regarding Social Media Trends with ESP Emporium

One of the worlds largest online tea outlets is very active in social media. They talked to us about their methods.

Social media trends: Baby Boomers

Considering the social media trend of niche marketing and the options for Baby boomers it produces: about55.com

Social Media: New Businesses

How can social media aid newer, less established businesses in their growth: younoodle.com

Social Media: Business Connections

Examining one way for businesses to engage in social media and connect with other businesses: OPEN Forum.com.

I do NOT “like” it on Breast Cancer Awareness

What is it about lewdness or “ harmless fun” that gets the most attention over media these days? Social media just makes it easier for people to get more playful with it and the “I like it on” meme, though backed by pure intentions over grave matters is disturbing. Some would argue with this.

Social Media: Business Exposure

Looking at ways to increase social media and online exposure for businesses.


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