Top 3 Social Media Trends: What's Hot?

Now that I have vented some of my ‘resident’ annoyances with social media, I hereby present a list of what I think is notable. Lately, everyone is doing their part and sharing what they deem important to make the world a better place using social media networks- which I feel is the right way to go.

Social Media's shortcomings

Is social media really the way to effective change? Is all the effort towards effective social media use worth it?

Media Madness: Webcast of Private Sexual Encounter Results In Suicide

Tyler Clementi took his own life after his roommate streamed live video of him having an encounter with another male.

Social Media Trends: A Look at Catfish, the Other Facebook Movie

Another movie about Facebook? Catfish explores the consequences of putting too much of yourself online.

Black-listing Craig's List

Examining an unlikely social media outlet: craigslist.com for its effective use in business and promotion.

Must Read: 2010 Study Of Social Media Trends & Journalism

Online European research conducted by Cision Media Research looks at social media trends within the media industry...

Social Media Etiquette

Discussing perhaps the most important aspect of social media: manners and how to behave online!

Get out of the cloud of confusion with Klout: Understanding Social Media

Taking a look at one more Internet Start-up that can help business utilize social media and understand its feedbac.

Big Social Media Event-The Film, The Social Network Out 1 October

The film about Mark Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook in 2004, a website that would change the world is out 1 October.

Social media management: and the reason is Facebook!

Scrutinizing the already suspicious-arousing Facebook to demonstrate how necessary social media expertise really is.


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