Facebook Down: What's Up?

"Facebook is down…so what?” A tweet in my twitter feed clarified why I was unable to access my Facebook account a while ago. The other day when Twitter had been hit by a virus of some sort, it was a Facebook friend who brought the issue to my attention first. Next steps included trying to log on or read about it on some news site. Somehow I find myself relying more on my social networks than any other news source or medium of communication. So, it's not-so "so what!"

Making Social Media: Part 2

2nd in a series looking at social media creation, with a focus on socialmediainnovations.com

Social Media Trends Resurrects Sir Winston Churchill From Beyond The Grave

Sir Winston Churchill is competing with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga & Stephen Fry For Twitter Supremacy

Socializing with Social Media

4th in a series examining how to improve use of social media and make it effective for your business

Being social with Social media

Second in a series looking at how to improve social media use and make it effective for your business

The Fabulous Life of Narcissists, Whiners, Creeps and now..

I know it’s happened to you before. The countless moments where you read someone’s status update and thought to yourself: “Oh Dear God, I really don’t care!” I know it’s something we’ve talked about over and over again; yet, people continue to test your patience over and over again.

Using Social Media...socially

First in a series of how to improve social media use and make social media work effectively in your favor

Elderly on Social Media: Old is the New Young

A few days ago, my father expressed his interest in exploring social media on his "own." Prior to that, he ensured my sister remained logged in her Facebook account on his Blackberry in Pakistan, so he could read my status updates every now and then. It was a harmless situation and us sisters were okay with the occasional 'intrusion.' After all, I am the kid whom he doesn't get to see much of and the notion of miraculously seeing my name appear with some clever statement in a news feed was an exciting prospect for him.

1000Memories Creates a Space to Digitally Honor Departed Loved Ones

1000Memories allows users to create websites to share memories and photos of a departed loved one.


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