Food Safety

Food Giant Mars And Tata Trusts To Improve Food Safety And Combat Child Malnutrition In India

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Food safety issues have rocked India for decades.

Foxes in Charge of the Henhouse: The Influence of Big Agribusiness on Food Policy

Understanding the relationship between money, politics and food can cause a loss of appetite

New Foraging App for Adventurous Eaters

As locally grown, foraged food becomes increasingly trendy, plants like wild ramps are at risk of being over-picked

Staph Infected Meat? Oh, About Half.

A new study by the Translational Genomics Research Institute shows that, "nearly half of the meat and poultry samples — 47 percent — were contaminated with S.

Final Budget Agreement Cuts Food Aid, Water Quality and Stewardship Programs

The new agreement recently passed to avoid a government shutdown cut programs that promote land stewardship, help poor mothers buy food, and assist in the delivery of clean water around the country.

Are We Still Talking About Food Dyes?

Are artificial food dyes safe or not?

Searching for Sustainable Seafood? There's an App for That

With the help of smartphone technology, Seafood Watch puts sustainable seafood on the map.

Are GMOs the Answer to Global Food Security?

Perhaps the further development and use of GMOs is the only way to confront the food needs if the future.

New Food Safety Law Demands Traceability

The new federal food safety law is shaking things up on many levels, not the least of which is food traceabilility.

CSAs Crop Up in China in Response to Food Safety Crisis

Farmers are bringing the Community Supported Agriculture trend to China in response to food safety concern.


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