Food Safety

Bring on Enviropig?: Can Genetic Engineering Make Meat a More Sustainable Food?

With GMO salmon at a standstill, the future of food is unclear and Enviropig poses another threat to sustainable food.

Food Safety: Making Sense of Poultry Labels

We all know that labeling food properly is key to food safety, but maybe some of us are a little confused to what the food labeling actually means. Only half of the safety is performed if it's labeled correctly, but not understood by the consumer as to what it means.

Loud and Clear: Will Updated Nutrition Labels Help Us Eat More Healthy Food?

Despite efforts to present nutrition facts more clearly, we still eat too much, and we're not eating very healthy food.

Food Safety, Food Security: Growing Resilient Crops

Adaptive crops will be key to the safety of our food supply.

GMOs & The FDA

While browsing the Food and Drug Administration's website, I noticed a whole section on genetically engineered animals. It's a good discussion to have, as biotech industries are pushing more and more for "products" that are genetically modified.

Animal Welfare Ratings for Meat Products Increase Food Safety

Whole Foods is increasing transparency and food safety at the meat counter, and educating consumers in the process.

Suggestions For Sustainable Agriculture Practice

There really is an air of hope on the horizon for sustainable agriculture on a commercial level.

Introducing Bioenergy for a Possibly More Sustainable Agriculture

To make agriculture truly sustainable, the United States would need to overhaul several factors in energy consumption, but probably any effort at all is good effort. According tot he ERS (Economic Research Service) a department under the USDA, ethanol is the leading bioenergy fuel used in commercial agriculture.


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