Fossil Fuels

How Can Poor Nations Fight Climate Change?

Underdeveloped countries need financial help from developed nations in order to combat climate change.

Climate Change – Are We Doing Enough?

Effective collaboration is required on a global level to curb the serious threats posed by climate change.

Will Climate Change Cause More Intense Hurricanes?

Climate Change is predicted to increase the intensity of hurricanes in the coming years with high wind speed.

Wacky carbon footprinting challenges

"Burp collars" are the newest tool in carbon footprinting efforts

10:10 and Climate Camp

What can we learn from two recent climate campaigns?

The Simple Pleasures

How a free shuttle helped a superficial town become more green

I’m All In

What I learned about climate change from a game of poker

What is climate change?

It isn't just an environmental thing. Share what climate change means to you.

China’s slow but considered approach to climate change

There may be no targets, but China appears to be building solid
foundations for Copenhagen

Smarter Irrigation for Crops and Landscaping

This is the tenth in a weekly series highlighting 15 green business innovations from Environmental Defense Fund's Innovations Review 2009


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