Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels: For How Long are they the Dominant Energy?

In essence, it seems all the talk about energy independence, turning to renewables, etc., it seems that fossil fuels have been the U.S.'s dominant form of energy for quite some time despite efforts to make investments in renewable sources and energy efficiency measures to make us less dependent on them. When policy-makers make claims that we as in the U.S. need to wean ourselves away from fossil fuels, at least in the case of oil, why haven't we?

Greening a Lawn--Or Hurting the Environment?

Organics: Best Way to Green a Lawn

Carbon Tax--Should It Be Seriously Considered?

Coal would be Taxed under a Carbon Tax

One Oregon Neighborhood's Quest for Climate Change Solutions

In Corvallis, Oregon, community solutions to climate change and fossil fuel dependence are already underway.

Why Geoengineering Won’t Fix Climate Change

Can giant mirrors or injecting sulphate into the atmosphere save us from climate change? Almost certainly not.

What is President Obama's Energy Policy?

“Everyone gets riled up…and then we go back to our ways. The reason we do it is that oil is just very, very useful.”

Report Shows Obama Can Take on Climate Change Without Congress

A new report outlines how the federal government can act on climate change, even in the absence of new legislation.

Addressing Climate Change While Preventing Financial Meltdown

Rep Pete Stark has an idea to curb Wall Street gambling in the US while helping the world deal with climate change.

Eight Climate Advocates Who Use Facebook Right

Eight campaigns and organizations using Facebook effectively to challenge the root causes of climate change.

Oregon Looks at Plastic Bags as Agents of Pollution and Climate Change

Manufacturing plastic shopping bags consumes oil and releases unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


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