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A New Climate Change Writer Starts on Justmeans

New Justmeans writer Nick Engelfried will be providing news and editorials in the Climate Change section.

Gas Flaring: Major Cause of Climate Change, BP Oil Spill Solution

Gas flaring is a short-term fix for the oil spill but a long-term climate change problem.

Climate Change News Weekly Summary

Climate Change News Weekly Summary for the week of May 17, 2010 - May 22, 2010.

The World's Green Stimulus and the Future of the Green Economy

When the markets collapsed, nations struggled with stimulus money. Many heralded a new green economy, but ...

The Green Bubble

The Green Bubble - the funding is here, the entrepreneurs are pouring in, the energy needs are high so ... ?

Celebrate Earth Day, Mitigate Climate Change?

Earth Day can have lasting benefits to solving climate change.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Green Economy: UN Conference

Life Cycle Cost Analysis gains global attention at recent UN conference in Geneva, hoping for green economy

Program on Climate Change University of Washington

Climate change college and university programs - Program on Climate Change University of Washington

Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Science

James Hansen, NASA's top climate scientist, should focus on the science if he wants to see carbon emission reductions.

Greenland Policy: New Hydrogen Plant for Renewable Energy

Greenland's First Hydrogen Plant inaugurated; World changing technology for renewable energy


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