Fossil Fuels

Care About Climate Change? Forget Earth Hour

Earth Hour plays into skeptical narratives about climate change and offers no long-term solutions to climate change.

Scotland Policy: Going Blue with Wave and Tidal Renewable Energy

Wave and tidal renewable energy, to be installed; world's largest system off Scotland and the UK

Should We Switch To Consumption-Based Carbon Dioxide Accounting?

Emissions based on national boundaries just doesn't make sense in our globalized economy.

Local Climate Change: Its Unique Causes and Effects

Local climate change is much more dynamic than we sometimes give it credit for.

Renewable Energy Series: Wave Technology the Oyster, Sea Level Rise no Problem

Renewable Energy Series: Wave Technology the Oyster; sea level rise is no problem for this technology.

LEED Building and Energy Series: Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisites

LEED Building and Energy Series, Post 2: Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisites. Efficient Buildings and climate change.

What is Carbon Cap and Trade? In the US? In Europe? Part 2

What is carbon cap and trade in the US? A history, pros and cons, comparison to carbon tax. Part 2 of a series.

What is Carbon Cap and Trade? In Europe? In the US? Part 1

Cap and Trade, what is it? Who started it? Europe or the US (The answer will surprise you.)

Tobacco Biofuel for All Your Energy Needs?

Could tobacco be the next biofuel in the US?


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