Fossil Fuels

A Simple Idea to Reduce Energy Usage, Increase Energy Efficiency

Smart electric bills will reduce emissions. They would also appeal to both conservatives and liberals.

Best Online Tools for Climate Change Education, Mitigation, and Solutions

Best sites to learn: climate change, initiatives, lower carbon emissions, incentives for renewable energy efficiency.

Climate Change Communication Challenges Part 2: The Media

Part 2 of a three part series about the challenges of communicating climate change.

2010 Winter Olympics Climate Conundrum

On the eve of the Olympics, Reuters reports that Cypress Mountain, home of the 2010 Olympic snowboarding and freestyle skiing events had to close to the public two weeks earlier than anticipated due to poor snow conditions.

Climate Change Communication Challenges Part 1: Language

Part 1 of a three part series about the challenges of communicating climate change.

A Question for the 21st Century

What is climate change anyways?

Fuels Cells and Climate Change: The Two Main Types of Fuel Cells for the Solution

Undeniably the biggest game changer in industry and climate change is the fuel cell; the two main types discussed.

Climate Change and GTD: Goal Setting for the New Year

Productivity Guru David Allen reveals his strategy on New Year goal setting- useful for climate change politicians...

Cap and Trade and Massachusetts

So Massachusetts brought the sky down on the Democratic majority in the US Senate. And a body that was at best dysfunctional is now considered non-functional. The gloom-and-doomers are writing the obituary for a cap and trade system in the US. Well, cowboy up! I don’t think we should write it off so easily.

Let's Get Industrious

The US Department of Energy has an aggressive Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) for at least two reasons. First, energy efficiency is clearly going to be a competitive edge over the coming years. But equally important is that 75% of US energy consumption is done by industrial and commercial users.


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