Geothermal Energy

Can Geothermal Power Help China Meet its Energy Needs?

Faced with a need to find cleaner sources of energy, geothermal power could help China meet increasing demand.

Europe to Import Clean Energy from Up North?

The world's longest power line could one day connect Iceland to Scotland, powering five million homes with clean energy

What Kind of "Clean" Energy Will Repower the US Economy?

In the State of the Union, President Obama called for 80% clean energy by 2035. The question is what counts as "clean"?

Ethipoia Amazes with a 60,000 MW Renewable Energy Potential

Ethiopia is not the first country to pops into minds when it comes to renewable energy. In fact, when thinking about renewable energy in Africa, Ethiopia still isn’t the first country that may come to mind.

Study Shows How The Cooper Basin Geothermal Site Ended Up So Hot

Our world is covered in a variety of renewable energy sources that humanity has spent a great deal of our history attempting to harness.

Geothermal Power Could Change Energy and Emissions Landscape in West Virginia

According to a Google-funded study, of the most coal-dependent US states also has vast reserves of geothermal power.

Energy is not Created Equal: Technology Subsidies

Guatemala and Central America Gear Up to Expand Geothermal Energy

Central and South America are home to a wide variety of volcanic hotspots that have gained some form of attention or another throughout history. While for some they were simply yet another geological feature, others are hoping to tap into the natural power that lies within these hotspots and channel it into geothermal power.

Energy Tremors in Indian Country

Imagine if some corporation discovered coal under your house, and you were powerless to stop them from extracting it. (This is actually the case for a lot of landowners in Wyoming who don’t own the mineral rights under their property, and are now subject to disturbance by oil companies using new technologies to extract oil and gas.

Geothermal Energy: What is its Future?

With the many renewable energy sources that can be tapped into, one that has not gotten a lot of attention like wind or solar is geothermal.  Wind and solar are more widely known and promulgated and consequently geothermal does not receive as much attention in society.


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