Green Branding

A Green Home With Smog?

Improving the air quality in your green home; simple things to protect you from surprising air contaminant sources.

H1N1 Hype and Propaganda

All the products promising to guard against the H1N1 flu; is it just companies looking to make a profit from the hype?

Going Green Just Got More Appealing

Going green with the latest wave of devices showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show. Get set for some cool gadgets.

Ecover - Striving to bring green living to you

Ecover and their household cleaning products set an example for green living at home and in all that we do.

Food Miles and the Tortilla Connection

Food miles have come into vogue as a way of assessing the sustainability of our production systems. Food miles are good, but it helps to turn it around too, and take a look at how much food it would take to keep society functioning. In hunter/gatherer times a very simple equation governed our food supply. Basically the amount of energy you got from your food had to be more than the amount of energy you spent getting it.

Green Home, Green Water Filter

Keep a green home and opt for a water filter in place of purchasing bottle after bottle of water from the store.

Living Green by Boycotting Plastic Water Bottles

Those PET bottles are not in line with living green; opt for the tap or outfit your home with a water filter instead.

Save Energy by Ditching Outdated Water Heaters

Save energy at home by getting a water heater that is much more efficient; seek out Energy Star Labels and get green!

Conserve Energy in Dishwashing and Laundry Habits

Conserve energy with more efficient washers, dryers, and dishwashers. Then adopt a few habits to save even more.

Decoding the 'Organic' Label for ethical shoppers

Separating the true organic products from other that are merely marketing attempts to get you to buy them.


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