Green Branding

Australia- a bit wishy washy in manners of ethicality

Australia turns down bill to cut down on carbon gas emissions; this doesn't bode well for appearances in Copenhagen.

China Looks for an Ethical Consumer Cop-out

With upcoming meeting to devise a global plan for reducing greenhouse emissions, political comments cause upsets.

NBC's Green Week for ethical consumerism

The NBC television network looks to spread the word about going green in their 'Green Week' campaign.

Ethical shopping: local vs. sustainable

The difference between shopping local and shopping sustainably. Both great, but in different ways.

Boycott of Soy Products

Soy produced in the newly deforested area of Amazon has been boycott in an attempt to support ethical consumption.

Solar Power Does More Than Simply Save the Planet

The EcoAndina Foundation has provided villages in Argentina with solar powered technology to improve their lives.

Heating Your Home the Green Way

Tips on how to reduce your carbon waste while still staying warm in your home.

Is Your House Haunted By Phantom Electricity?

Many common household appliances use up electricity even when they are turned off due to a standby status.

The Great Hydrogen Debate

Advancing technology has lead to the development of hydrogen fuel capable cars and other devices, but some are critical

Going Green: The Hollywood Effect

With a new growing crop of ethical consumers it is interesting to ponder what it finally took to ignite the eco-friendly movement. The environment has been on the decline for awhile, but not until it reached Hollywood did Americans take action.


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