Green Branding

Ethical Consumption and "Needing" the Latest Gadgets

How do we reconcile our desires for sustainable living and our desires for the latest technology tools?

Save Energy with a home audit: Finding a Pro to do the job

Don't feel up to doing a home energy audit yourself? Save energy and enlist a pro.

Save Enegy With a Home Energy Audit

Pick out the worst offenders with a home energy audit - you'll save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and money.

Dating in a green living world: Find your perfect eco-minded match

Maneuver the dating world when green living is a top priority in your life. Find that dashing eco prince or princess.

Go Paperless: for Earth Day and for Every Day

New technologies mean that the ability to “go paperless” can last well beyond Earth Day and can be an everyday practice

Green living computers help put a plug in excessive energy loss

Buying a computer with green living in mind just got easier thanks to the EPEAT rating. Here's what you need to know.

Living green and the hybrid connection

Understanding the different varieties of hybrid cars to find one that is fits with living green and also your budget.

A Green Home Without the Pests

A few tips to keep your green home and garden free of pests; don't rely on harsh poisons and chemicals.


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