Green Branding

Green home, green vacuum

Tips to getting a green home vacuum cleaner; weighing the energy consumption along with all the other factors.

Go green by grubbing at a certified green restaurant

Restaurant businesses go green by adopting more energy efficient practices and doing what they can to limit waste.

Green products to make it easier for us living in apartments

Green products that make it easier for apartment dwellers to live more eco-friendly.

The McItaly a Sustainable Living Flop

McDonald's is met with outraged local farmers in Italy for pretending to promote sustainable living and national pride.

Sustainable Living: From Crippled Countries to Healthier Lives

Recovery for the community and the environment with sustainable living.

Sustainable Living: An Obscene Reliance on Oil

The fallout without sustainable living is not only bad for the environment but crippling local communities.

No excuse not to go green and opt for a bike

Those looking to go green may have already strapped on their pedaling shoes whenever possible to cut out the copious amount of carbon waste being pumped into the environment from transportation. Getting your cycle on is not only an excellent way to limit your reliance on fuel and then the harmful emissions, but it’s a great way to stay in shape

Environmental awareness already puts plastics in a poor light, but now health concerns do too

There are growing health concerns associated with plastics as well as the issues of environmental awareness.

Greetings from The Pacific Northwest, where even the beer is earth-friendly

A new Justmeans writer discusses living in Portland and how it helps his choice to be an ethical consumer

Conserve Energy With More Efficient Lights

Replacing standard light bulbs with CFLs and LEDs to conserve energy; the low down on the two different makes.


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