Green Building

Time-Out On Earth Day

Why I’m not doing anything this Earth Day.

Social Media, Mapping, and Real-Time Response

Earlier this week, Google released high resolution satellite images from the area surrounding the recent Chinese earthquake. The files can be examined online or imported into their Google Earth mapping tool. The 6.9 magnitude earthquake which hit near Qinghai, China killed hundreds, injured thousands, and destroyed many buildings.

End of Conference - Part VI

An overview of the different afternoon 'think groups' from this fascinating Corporate Reporting Reporting Awards Cfrnce

Sustainability, Reporting and Emerging Markets

Live blogging from discussion on reporting and emerging markets.

Risk Management, inappropriate rules and bottom up solutions - Part III of CR conference

Jean Peter Ontswedder speaks about risk management and the role of business in creating societal change.

Corporate Responsibility - Aiming for 'right relationship'

Alastair McIntosh talks about the 'deep knowing' that can enable corporate responsibility. Part II of my live blogging

Mozambique’s low carbon building technologies

Northern Mozambique might not have much, but it does have low carbon buildings.

The music of sustainable development

Music about and for sustainable development is critical - what are your favorite songs that keep you moving onwards?

Sustainable Development...Poetry?

Poetry – the language of love, romance, anguish…and sustainable development?

Poor People vs Poverty

When we condemn poverty, do we also condemn poor people?


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