Green Building

The Cape Wind Controversy: Counter-opposition

Are wealthy New Englanders "hijacking democracy" to protect their property values?

Housing Bubbles, Green Buildings and Sustainable Development

A lot of the focus on the housing bubble has been about the economic effects, what about the ecological effects?

The First Offshore Wind Farm in the U.S.

An introduction to the Cape Wind Project.

Pollution From Wind Power? - I Don't Think So

One of the arguments I used to laugh at the most over inflated Pentagon funding went like this: "Sure, a billion dollars for the XYZ weapon system is a lot of money. But if we end the XYZ weapon system-building program and don't build it, it'll cost two billion."

Say what?

Green Business Certifications

Many businesses have taken steps to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations and have improved their performance, but until now, customers had no way of recognizing which businesses were going "green."  To remedy this, the City of Santa Monica, CA, along with its Convention and Visitors Bureau, and its Chamber of Commerce, have joined together with an organization called Sustainable Works to certify and r

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Fuel cells have been well known for a long time, but until now, they have not been nearly as popular as science fiction writers always hoped.

The Limits of Green Building With Passive House

Why Passive House building is less than ideal.

One of the Best Magazines for Energy and Sustainable Business: Sustainable Industries

I think I just found my favorite magazine for energy and sustainable business: Sustainable Industries, one of THE best

LEED Certified--Going Green is a Boon for Business

LEED brings "a number of state and local government incentives, and can help boost press interest in your project.”

Introducing PACE - The Ultimate Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Financing Option

PACE - Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing model that has the potential to vastly increase renewable energy


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