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Social Enterprise WorkSquare Creates a “People First” Hiring-Placement Business

(3Bl Media/Justmeans) - WorkSquare is revolutionizing the hiring placement industry in Miami, Florida. What began as an MBA thesis at Harvard Business School by founder Vanessa Bartram has developed into a people first, B Corp- certified social business.  WorkSquare’s team launched the company in 2008 to create a path toward financial stability for South Florida’s low-wage workers.

Hedging Bets: Can Hedge Funds Be Socially Responsible Investments?

ltcmA new discussion paper by the Principles for Responsible Investing Initiative seeks to apply the tenets of responsible investing to the high-flying world of hedge funds

Harvard Business School Offers Seminar on Global Energy and Other Topics

Harvard Business School sheds light on the challenges faced by the global energy industry.

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