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Energy-Efficient Train Travels Over 230 Mph, Wins German Design Award

Bombardier Transportation has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award for its ZEFIRO 380 very high speed (VHS) train. The train, currently being manufactured in China and Germany, can travel up to 236 mph (380 km/h) and employs advanced aerodynamics and other technologies to reduce energy consumption.

Florida's Costly Mistake

High speed rail--what can possible be wrong with it?  It creates jobs which are sorely needed especially in today's fragile economy.  It is great for the environment in terms of taking drivers off the road.

High Speed Rail: Europe's Revolution that needs to Spread to the U.S.

President Obama has pledged $8 billion in stimulus funds for high speed rail--a great start, but in all likelihood short of what is needed to truly amp up an

Japan Prepares to Go Beyond High Speed With Maglev Trains

Japan has long been at the forefront of high speed rail development since they laid down the first tracks for the Shinkansen system back in the 1960s. Since then, the bullet trains in Japan have grown into the busiest high speed rail line in the world and serve as the example for what high speed rail can become in other countries.

Bombardier Rides the Rails With Greener, More Efficient Rail Technology

Earlier today, I took some time to give a brief run through of Bombardier's Aerospace division and their fantastic work with transforming aircraft into greener machines.

Russia and the World Looks Towards High Speed Rail

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Russia’s first ever electric vehicle hybrid another announcement came about the bolstering of Russia’s green transportation systems. According to the announcement that came from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the country is preparing to begin serious work towards a high speed rail system. Russia isn’t alone on this plan either.

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