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Daimler's car2go Rental Program to Go Green

Offering vehicles on a rental based pickup service is not entirely foreign to European cities. In fact, for some time now Paris, France has experimented with the idea with their proposed Autolib' program which is based off an already successful bicycle loan system.

Compressed Air and Electricity: The Hybrid of the Future

When the concept of green vehicles comes to mind many of the first fuel types most think of is electricity, hydrogen, or biofuels. There are, however, those out there that believe that alongside those fuel types air itself is a worthy addition to the green vehicle fuel line up.

Ford Decides to Pull Back the Reins on Electric Vehicle Investment

For some time now, announcements have been coming out from the Ford Motor Company about their decision to hybridize various existing models while also presenting full electric and hydrogen vehicles as a part of a green lineup. However, last Thursday the attitude from Ford seemed to change a little bit when they announced that they didn’t believe that electric vehicles were worth a full investment.

Will Rolls-Royce Go From Exclusive to Exclusively Green?

In the luxury automobile market, the prevalence of electric vehicles and hybrid cars is not nearly as impressive as it is in other areas. However, Rolls-Royce has announced that it is currently looking into just what electric and hybrid technology can do with their iconic luxury automobiles.

Toyota Prepares to Unveil Their Latest Electric Vehicle Creation

It seems these days that only a few weeks need to pass before hearing word that Toyota is making preparations to push another electric or hybrid vehicle. With their dedication to the industry clear, it is no surprise that they would invest so much into electric vehicle production in order to become an example and leader for other car manufacturers while also keeping up with competition.

BMW Shakes Hands With Peugeot Citroen to Make Green Vehicle Components

As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly common to see automobile manufacturers banding together to form research and development partnerships. With current partnerships existing between Renault and Nissan and the more recent Toyota and Tesla match, it seemed to be only a matter of time before another group of automobile manufacturers came together.

Tesla Promises an Electric SUV Model After Their Sedan Hits Markets

In the world of electric vehicle manufacturers, Tesla Motors is known for their sporty and speedy Roadster that came onto the scene all at once and surprised even the most negative onlookers with their success.

Volkswagen Says That the Future is Here and it Gets 235 MPG

Tomorrow, the automobile industry will have yet another chance to roll out their latest and greatest concepts when the annual Qatar Motor Show kicks off in the nation’s capital of Doha.

Ford Flexes Their Hybrid Car Muscles with New Models

With the North American International Auto Show underway in Detroit, Michigan, many have been paying close attention to the news to see what kind of new green vehicles, electric vehicles, and hybrid cars will be rolled out onto the sho

Toyota Makes a Strong Showing at the LA Auto Show

As news coverage of the 2010 LA Auto Show continues, a lot of companies are using the event as their chance to spread news about their latest green vehicles.


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